Complete the form of the relevant event

By completing the form of the event you would like to join, you will accept the clubs Rules and Indemnity of the event registered.

Please note the following that is relevant to each event that is held or affiliated with PORC


  • This is not a race, but for those who want to, your time will be recorded. Pro and Advanced riders will start first.
  • Respect all riders on the course taking part alongside you.
  • Assist fellow riders where and when possible.
  • Respect the land you are riding on.
  • If you breakdown or not able to be mobile, wait for assistance and a Marshall will be there to assist you. Please do not be rude to the assistants or Marshalls; they are only doing their job to make it safe for you to participant.
  • Carry your cell phone with you at all times.
  • If you are injured you will be rescued to the main road, where an official ambulance will take over, at your own personal expense.
  • It is your own responsibility to carry fluid and energy replacement products with you while riding in this event.
  • All participants must sign out once they have finished riding the event.


PORC (Pinetown Off Road Club)
Standard Bank – Kloof – cheque account
Branch code: 04 55 26
Account no: 251 649 156
Please use your name & surname as payment reference.